Pope Francis has encouraged all of us to focus on and emphasize the Works of Mercy during the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. This sheet lists many ways that you can exercise the Corporal Works of Mercy right here at St. Joseph’s. 

Works of Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy focus on a person's physical needs.

The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy

Giving Food to the Hungry & Drink to the Thirsty

At St. Joseph’s, there are numerous opportunities for you to be able to do this. Our Caring & Sharing and Thanksgiving Meal programs are ways that you can offer time or resources in service to the poor. Even if you are only able to participate sporadically or from time to time, whatever aid you bring will help someone to eat who would otherwise not be able to.

Clothing the Naked
All throughout the year at our parish, clothing donations come in and need to be arranged and organized in the Walker Building in our Caring & Sharing rooms. Every week during the day, volunteers come to help facilitate the poor of our community receiving these clothes. While they may not arrive naked, without the generosity of people’s time and resources, many would find it very difficult to stay clothed, especially during the winter months.

Sheltering the Homeless
While we are not able to provide these services to the homeless of our community, the Our Lady of Angels Medical Clinic provides social services on our property every week. We may not be able to provide a roof over people’s heads, but we can point them in the right direction. The clinic is always in need of volunteers to answer the phones, assist with filing and help provide a welcoming and kind reception to the poor who come for assistance.

Visiting the Sick
Through our Sick & Homebound ministry, we bring Communion to those who can’t come to church and offer a friendly conversation to those who are suffering. You can easily become a part of this important ministry whenever you are able. The Senior Choir also goes to sing in the local area nursing homes during the Christmas and Advent seasons.

Visiting the Imprisoned
For now, the only opportunity to carry out this Work of Mercy through one of our parish ministries is actually through the choir. Our Gospel Choir not only provides wonderful music for our weekend liturgies and funerals, but also go to sing at local area prisons.

Burying the Dead
You can carry out this work of mercy by participating in our parish Bereavement Ministry which offers the meal for the Repast after a funeral or by joining our Funeral Choir to enhance the worship at our parish funerals.

In addition to participating in the Corporal Works of Mercy, the parish has a wonderful Fellowship Committee, which works to provide fun events and socials for our parish as often as possible. There is also a Fundraising Committee that works regularly with Fr. Joe to raise money for the parish in creative ways. Both would welcome volunteers who are able to participate at any level. If you cannot find a way to exercise the works of mercy on this list that works for you, email Fr. Chuck and he can help find a way for you to live out your call to exercise Mercy.